Tecton Construction Management’s Trademarked Filtering™ Process adds Value at Every Stage of Construction

No Disruption to Clinton Central’s Classes

"Tecton did a huge amount of work over two summers to keep the interruptions during actual school time down to a minimum.

"Anytime you have a construction project there's going to be issues. Tecton handled those issues in a very professional way."

John Sloggett, Principal
Clinton Central Elementary School


Frankfort Schools Saved $700,000

"We heard from some area Superintendents about Tecton. They had some ideas on how to cut costs without cutting quality.

"We hired them, and when the bids came back the cost was $1.5 million dollars. Tecton kept the integrity of the building, but helped our board to afford this building."

Don DeWeese
Assistant Superintendent, Frankfort Schools


Rossville Consolidated Served Lunch the First Day of School

"We started with the outside work on our cafeteria remodel in March, and completed in mid-August. Tecton got the project done on time before the students arrived.

"I would highly recommend Tecton for any construction management job. They'll be on time and within your budget."

Jim Hanna, Superintendent
Rossville Consolidated School District


Clinton Central Saved $2,000,000

"Tecton saved the corporation about $2,000,000 as a result of bidding each phase separately.

”Breaking down each phase as they did allowed the smaller contractors to bid on the project. That brought savings and quality, but it also brought the community involved in the project.”

Brent Kaufman, Interim Superintendent
Clinton Central Schools


Our La-Z-Boy Showcase Cost Roughly $400,000 Less

"Tecton's system is so well coordinated there would be three crews working, but not working over each other.

"Everything got done on time, got done quickly, got done well. "

Michael Kaplan, Owner
Lafayette La-Z-Boy


Casada Center Completed $400,000 Under Budget

”The way Tecton designed it saved us $100,000 on our glass staircase alone.”

"Tecton came at our project from a practical construction standpoint, and the architect from a design and flashy standpoint. We got cost savings and practicality along with design and flare."

Stewart Boehning, Owner
Cascada Center



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